Navigating Aerospace Solutions

Avolatus effectively resolves the critical need for aviation safety and quality, providing specialized solutions in strategic planning, productivity optimization, and safety management for both civil and defense sectors.

About Avolatus

Avolatus is a distinguished leader in the aerospace industry, known for our gold standard in aviation safety and quality. As a veteran-owned consulting organization, we blend a rich legacy of expertise and precision to serve the civil and defense aviation sectors. Our depth of industry knowledge informs a range of services, including strategic planning, M&A support, productivity optimization, and advanced safety management, each tailored to our clients' unique needs.

At the heart of Avolatus, innovation meets tradition. We integrate the latest technologies with time-tested best practices, ensuring our clients are at the forefront of the aviation industry's rapid evolution. Our dedicated team provides innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency and lead the industry, making us a beacon of excellence and innovation.

We are more than consultants; we are partners in your aviation journey. Avolatus is committed to operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, continually adapting to industry changes and evolving client needs. Our dedication to continuous improvement and leadership in aviation consulting makes us the preferred partner for those seeking to navigate the complexities of the aviation landscape with confidence and expertise.


Intermediary Service Resource Manager

Within the dynamic and intricate realm of aviation, our Intermediary Service Resource Management (ISRM) emerges as an essential navigator, directing the flow of vital resources and services to where they're most needed. Given the complex interplay of maintenance, safety protocols, certificate management, and other aviation-related tasks, the ISRM acts as a cohesive force, ensuring that all processes run smoothly and in harmony.

Comprehensive Quality Assessment

Unlike the operational focus of the ISRM, Avolatus offers a holistic approach to quality. This encompasses not only the immediate tasks but also a deep dive into organizational processes, training, and technologies, ensuring that the entire ecosystem adheres to the highest standards.

Adaptive Solutions

Recognizing that the civil and defense sectors might have different needs and challenges, Avolatus tailors its quality solutions to the specific context. Whether it's ensuring a passenger jet meets all safety regulations or a military aircraft is ready for rapid deployment, Avolatus provides the right quality assurance solutions.

Long-Term Quality Strategy

While the ISRM might focus on immediate resource allocation and communication, Avolatus also thinks long-term. They can help your organization set up continuous quality monitoring, feedback loops, and training programs to ensure that quality assurance is an ongoing process, not just a one-time audit.


"I've had the privilege of witnessing James in action at the Helicopter Association International Expo. His depth of experience in aviation is not just impressive but truly unparalleled. When James speaks, he effortlessly captivates the audience, bridging complex aerospace topics with relatable insights. Beyond his speaking engagements, James's value as a mentor is immeasurable. Many of us at the association have benefited from his guidance, learning from his decades of experience in the field. Avolatus is fortunate to have such an esteemed figure leading the way."

Stacy Sheard, Corporate Pilot at Fanatics

Aolatus, LLC